Wednesday, September 2

Rebound Reflux?

Medicines for acid reflux actually cause it? Wow!

Once upon a time, I watched a PBS special on healthy foods and I heard Brenda Watson (the presenter) say that when Americans are suffering from heartburn--that instead of an antacid, we should swallow a tablespoon of cider vinegar in some water.

I thought, "No Way!" I'm no chemist, but increase the acid? But one day when I was feeling that stabbing gut wrenching pain, I thought, why not?

Long story short... oops. It works for me. Maybe Brenda was right. She says years ago we ate fermented foods often. Sauerkraut and pickles were commonplace at every farm table, at each and every meal. Maybe that's what we're missing to optimize digestion?

Try it, what's to lose? My college student swears by it. (Nuts run in the family!)

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