Tuesday, September 8

New GF Book For College Students

I haven't read or reviewed this book.  If anyone else has, let me know how it was.  Terina

PRESS RELEASE  New Cookbook for Gluten Free College Students from Gluten Free Success Publications

Buffalo, NY (PRWeb) August 28, 2009 - Navigating college dorm living just got easier for gluten free students 
with a new cookbook, the Gluten Free College Student Cookbook by Joanne Bradley . Designed to make
the transition from home to college a successful path, the cookbook features over 201 gluten free recipes 
uniquely designed for dorm or apartment cooking. Easy no-cook and low-cook recipes are further enhanced 
by individual appliance instructions. Over 180 of the recipes are dairy (casein) free and vegan friendly with 
common food substitutions. Further information on the cookbook is available at http://www.GfCfSucc ess.com, 
a culinary publications center for gluten/casein free living.
Gluten challenged students face illness from eating gluten (found in wheat, barley, and rye) in any form, thereby 
diminishing their college career from missed classes or recurrent sick days. Celiac disease affects 1 in 133 
Americans, or 2% of the college population. 
The Gluten Free College Student Cookbook fills an unaddressed need for college students and teens to 
master cooking for themselves before and after leaving home for the first time. Gluten free options vary on 
college campuses, and may not be available at all, making the need for simple cooking solutions even more 
The book includes a 40-page instructional section including a complete list of the most useful dorm room utensils
and appliances, a safe food handling primer, and beginning cooking techniques.  
The author, Joanne Bradley , has an extensive foodservice career including 16 years as a restaurant chef and 
12 years in College and University foodservice management. Diagnosed with food intolerances several years 
ago, Joanne has since devoted her work life to developing unique strategies for success in the gluten free diet. 
Relying on her experience in college food service, she has described the challenges and provided solutions for 
the gluten free student. 
The Gluten Free College Student Cookbook  is a 288-page trade paperback (ISBN: 1442179805) available 
online from Amazon.com and from the www.GfCfSuccess. com website.
Joanne Bradley
Gluten Free Success Publications
contact@glutenfreec ollegestudent. com

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