Tuesday, September 29

GF Quick and Easy Rice Pudding

Quick and easy GF rice pudding. It's fall, I'm lazy, and out of ideas for food blogging. I find that I am like the majority of Americans who rotate and eat the same ten meals. I reason that I do branch out seasonally and so the family does eat ten different staple recipes each season. It's almost soup season, Hurrah! It's almost time for warm, nurturing comfort foods.

Today in honor of the ending of summer, I'm making delicious rice pudding. I could take the time to mix up cream, milk, basmati rice, and stir it for two hours over a warming pot, infused by the flavor of real vanilla beans and rum. But, my slimmed down, rush version also turns out with a surprisingly good results. And it only talkes Jello brand's vanilla pudding mix (cook n serve), minute rice, milk, eggs, & vanilla.

Start with four cups milk, stir in
One packet (3 oz.) vanilla pudding,
1 cup minute rice, and
one egg beaten,

Bring to a soft boil, then immediately remove from heat and stir in a tsp. of vanilla and rum extract if you wish. It thickens while it cools. Top with cinnamon and nutmeg. Add raisins, or as Angie suggests on her GFClub blog, try craisins!

TIP: Eat it warmed as Alton Brown (food network-special rice edition) assures me that white rice crystalizes as it cools and that is what makes it crunchy. Ah ha! I love food epiphanies!

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