Friday, September 25

Pasta Joy? WHAT?

Reprinted from January 09, with this update for Michael Fusco's fresh pasta recipe.
There are some wicked GF pastas out there. And I have purchased all the gnarly, bad ones. Here are some brands I've had some success with over the years:

Tinkiyada pastas are by far the best. If I tried no other I would be satisfied. If the doctor said to me, you have celiac disease and you have a prescription for Tinkyada pasta, (no generic substitute) he would be totally and completely right.

DeBoles (no boil) Rice Lasagna Noodles are also delicious because there is no boiling to be done and no flavor can penetrate my maranara sauce.

Heartland make a pasta from beans that I've heard is good.

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DIA D said...

ma, you gotta talk to sister r about this. rice bran can have toxins in it (?!?!) and she and brother r got sick from their pasta the other night. weird, huh?