Monday, July 20

Whole Grain French Toast

Bob's Hearty Whole Grain GF Bread was so delicious that the daughter wanted it for breakfast so she dredged it in her favorite french toast mixture and cooked it on a skillet. It was delicious. The tart contrast of the caroway seeds and the whipping cream and blueberries was fantastic.

She marveled the whole time, gushing that it could be sliced thinly, that it held the egg without breaking apart... she was impressed.

Looks like I'd better get to replicating it or buy more of Bob's mixes next time I go to town.

It was a hit.

Dia's French Toast

2 eggs beaten,
a splash of milk,
a dash of vanilla,
a sprinkle of salt

Mix and dip bread in, both sides and fry in a nonstick on med. until toasty.

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