Wednesday, June 17


The boys were in seventh heaven.

We had just driven twelve hours non-stop on our Sabbath, and the boys had decided that in spite of hunger, they were going to push through and not stop and cause anyone else to go to the trouble of having to feed them. (It's another one of those odd things we value.)

I bought in to their argument because I was too tired to trek out in a strange city to hunt GF and end up with the nutritious Wendy's frosty.

Weighing the two evils, I figured it was as reasonable--who is talking reason at that point anyway--to go with their idea.

We decided to take a page from my son's European trip. We ate from the vending machine. It only cost the three of us about six bucks because we couldn't eat more than six bucks before we were too sugared out to continue.

And I can clearly state that once is enough! Like the day I ordered dessert first at Outback, I have learned by experience, that once is enough!

Nevah again!!!!



This is way too funny, I will remember your experience as I head to a family reunion this weekend, chock full of relatives and gluten.

Terina said...

This weekend is our reunions too and camping, and gf is going to be a fantastic challenge. I almost would rather stay home!!!!