Monday, June 8

Forbidden Fruit?

What are you eating that once was totally verboten from your diet--preCD?    After I was diagnosed, my pantry, which once shuddered at the likes of Cheetos or Fritos,  housed a year's supply.  There was a bag secreted in the car and one by the bed.  The second month after diagnosis,  my husband wondered if I had decided to forgo food all together and subsist on the thirty candy bars I brought home.    I firmly was stick in the rut of,  "Hey, if I can have them and not much else I'll eat what I want!!!

The youngest son had never seen potato chips.  He didn't even know what they were until
he was diagnosed with CD at 5.  He was old enough to read, consequently, he has never recognized them as potato chips.  They are Lays he insists.  He knows, because, "See, it says right there on the package."  

The oldest needs to gain weight... he could stand to put on thirty pounds and still be thin, so he's going about it like this and he insists that I take a photograph of it.   It's good to see that he is a fruit that has not fallen very far from the tree.  

I think it's a phase, really, one that will too pass.  


Dia D said...

straight up "marsh paste"
ye-ah baby.
fruit snacks- I never would've eaten fruit snacks before this GF thing, but now they're a nice sweet reminder that someone in the sky DOES love you and you can actually eat some yummy things :)


My forbidden fruit is cashews, I eat them by the pound! Never would have pre-cd, too many calories.