Tuesday, June 30

Lose Weight Gluten Free

Lose Weight Gluten Free? 380,000 hits when I pull up this topic on Google. Once upon a time, celiac disease was thought to be a wasting disease--the disease of skeletons. No longer! Obesity is one of CD's symptoms! (780,000 google hits on obesity and CD)

39% of all persons found with celiac disease are overweight--fully 30% were obese.


One of this article's theories is that when the body is not getting adequate nutrition, it tends to hang onto whatever it can. In some cases, fat. So in reality, obese celiac sufferers are starving to death.

This diet is designed to correct an autoimmune disorder, and weight loss is one of the happy consequences of some people who are diagnosed with celiac disease. My favorite GF chef tells how he lost 80 lbs on a low-carb diet in preparation for his wedding and then ate the wedding cake and got sick as a dog all throughout the honeymoon. Finally diagnosed as a celiac, he sticks to the diet and manages his weight great!!!!

I was one of the skeletons, so happily I gained weight when I followed the diet, but I had to watch out for the preponderence of high-yet empty calorie foods that are processed GF food staples. And I did have to stop eating a month's worth of candy bars. I've found that this is a weakness for many CD sufferers. Sugar is portable, quick, and it doesn't hurt when you eat it!!!!!

The truth is: Eat naturally-gf and you too can live healthy and vivacious.

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