Monday, June 29

Country Living

Gluten-free and country living. The two just seem to go together so well. I'm "vacationing" (by that, meaning cooking, cleaning, home repair, and laundering, but in a different location.) Our family packs up and wanders off to the country to live simpler each summer.

I change my summer duty venue for two reasons: the blistering hot weather in our primary local (Tulsa) and the fun and festivities to be found in cousin life. The children live all year for the promise of a summer of cousin swapping. While this week they are all gone, I risk having as many as ten here next.

The nicest benefit is task sharing. For example, today is the son's 17th birthday, and he is just now, (10 a.m.) being woken with GF waffles and fresh strawberries. The group is then going boating and to a movie with GF Cake and icecream after.

And I can sit home, listen to the play-by-play by cell phone and blow into a hankie (a summertime cold) and enjoy it all. Ah, Cousin Swapping. It's heaven!

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