Sunday, July 5

A Food Fad?


Okay, I'm busy therapudically writing --on another page, so you won't be bored by it, but I gotta address the newest article I read.

I so hate to waste time on this issue. I'd rather be cooking and eating... but once again I read an article in the HEALTHY STYLE section of Parade magazine on Sunday that disputes all "these people stupid enough to eat GF when it may not be necessary."

I need to send this response.

#1 Very few of us are masochists who like to abuse ourselves. Many people eschew sugar--a much more difficult diet in my mind--without criticism. It's all about health.

#2 to the author's comment "You may just have IBS instead of CD" I say, would you let your doctor diagnose you by saying, "You have a headache. Okay, go home."

#3 CD is called the GREAT PRETENDER, not because of it's disguise as other diseases, but the opposite. Because it is misdisgnosed as so many others.

#4 It cannot be diagnosed by a blood test and a biopsy. As a third generation celiac --it doesn't always work that way.

#5 That's why it takes an average of 11 years of misdiagnoses to discover it.

I am so an advocate of trying the diet. Just do it! See if you don't feel better? Whose it gonna hurt? Your doctor?

My sister has the funniest story about this. Her son has been on the diet for a couple of years due to ADD stuff.

She goes to the doctor.

"We must get him officially diagnosed!" The doctor says shocked!!!!

She responds, "Why?"

"So he can be treated." responded the doctor.

"Uh," awkward pause...

"There is a treatment?" My CD sister says incredulously? ...thinking, "cause if there is, I want some of that."

"Uh," another, longer awkward pause...

AS we all know... she is already treating him.

People feel better when eating GF or they stop. And that is the end of the debate.

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