Saturday, May 30

Welcome Visitors

My Mind is So Open My Memory Has Fallen Out!

What do you do when people visit? I wander the grocery store the night before... and the husband follows, patiently returning the icecream to the freezer section as I dally there waiting for divine inspiration to strike me with a menu right there in WallyWorld.

I am always reinventing the wheel. I should always go directly to my recipe card file and go directly to the section marked Visits and look at the card that I have so carefully written from the last successful menu. I can be forgiven because last time these visitors came, the menu was merely vegetarian, this time it's compounded with added diabetes. And there is no cheating!

Thank goodness for grains, pulse and veggies! Here we go! Wish us luck.

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I haven't had to tackle this one yet, I do wish you luck and am interested in hearing how it worked out.