Wednesday, April 15

Walmart Loves Us!

Look what a friend found at Walmart! The first I've noticed of an actual Gluten-Free Item. Only $3.88!!!! This is monumental! Almost four hundred percent more expensive than normal cake, but most importantly! WALMART had it!!! Not in the overstock reject aisle, but in the cake aisle.

What my GF friend was doing in the cake aisle I don't know. I no longer wander through to salivate all over the boxes, but I am glad she still goes there.

Caviat: This has negligible nutritional value as it's made with potato starch and white rice flour, but who is looking for that in a brownie anyway?

And RUMOR has it that Duncan Hines is distributing a cake mix!!! YAY!


Monique said...

The muffin mix is excellent! Walmart has been carrying this for over a year now but you can only find it at the 'supercenters'. If you add a little bit of flax seed meal and 2 overly ripe bananas it tastes exactly like 'regular' banana bread. It's delicious!

Terina said...

Good to know about the supercenters. We're so close to "Bartlesville" that we only have supercenters. I'm excited to try bulking it up with flax and the bananas sound yum! thanks, T.