Thursday, April 9

Maple French Toast

Gluten Free French Toast? I make it with Bette's Basic Millet Bread and my good friend's camp recipe. It's become our family staple. The youngest loves it, the husband won't taste french toast of any kind, ever!

I'm a lipstick camper, (I'll go into that later,) who loves to cook outdoors so when my friend made outdoor french toast on the griddle that tasted gourmet, I had to have the recipe.

One Egg (fresh, free-range, alternate fowl eggs are acceptable. After all, we are camping!)
1 T. milk (a splash--who measures when camping?)
1 tsp vanilla (who takes vanilla camping?)
1 Tbs. fresh maple syrup (Use the real stuff--Shane from Quebec says.)

Blend these ingredients up and quickly dip the bread in. Careful, GF bread crumbles and dissolves quickly.

On a hot griddle, fry on each side. Serve with cream cheese, peanut butter, or in honor of being in the great outdoors, chokecherry jelly, or pure maple syrup. Whatever you have on hand.


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