Thursday, April 9

GF Ramen?

GF college food? My college gal is looking for something easy and fast and tasty. Ramen, that college staple is off limits for us GF people, but this seems to be just as simple.

I boiled water (as easy as ramen)

dropped in these noodles (same)

waited three minutes (wow!)
Dump in the spices (I have used a packet of pad thai seasoning, or 1 tsp. chicken boullion, a dash of garlic, onion salt, ginger and the secret ingredient, 2 Tbs. fish sauce).

Then like a college kid, (those budding food scientists) go crazy and add whatever else you want!

I dropped in cooked shrimp 'cause I had it, you could chop green onions, add bacon bits or whatever. The oldest son added a pound of cooked hamburger, but he is Popeye's sidekick, the guy who'll do anything for hamburger.

Wow, easy, and simple and fast. And the shelf life on this package is long! I know this has languished on mine for a year at least. No longer, I'm eating it up!

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