Friday, September 9

Going Eggless: Flax and Egg Replacer

First Posted 3-4-09

Egg Replacer: What is it and why do we need it?

Egg Replacer has a place in many of the GF recipes I have purloined from GF bakers. I use the EnerG brand (only because that's all I've found). It is not at all related to eggs and is formulated specifically for people with egg allergies. Most of the recipes also use eggs in the wet ingredients, so I don't know why many of our recipes use both. Do we have a chemical food expert who can clue us in?

If you are allergic to eggs this is a great site to review on HOW TO REPLACE THEM.

I have experimented with these methods because I frequently find myself midway through a recipe when I realize that my sons have just enjoyed the last egg over easy for breakfast, and running to the grocery would involve a shower and that means the wall I was planning to mud and paint today won't get started because who wants to get dirty again!

But, I digress... yet again! Here is a site highlighting flax as egg replacement. Whisk or blend one tablespoon ground flax meal or flour with 3 tablespoons water until thick and coagulated. This typically substitutes for one egg in baking.

The flax seed replacement works well. I grind flax and stir it into water, but I've also boiled this mixture and used it after it has simmered for a minute.

This next site enumerates every single known replacement for eggs from agar to xanthun, including fresh fallen snow!

So, go eggless!

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