Wednesday, August 27

GF means Gourmet Food

Gluten-free Backlash?  Did we call it in 2008 or what?


Believe it or not, the hottest upcoming trend in handbags is GF and I don't mean Gucci and Fendi.

The fashionesta swear by the newest tilt in food fads--GF. The well dressed won't be caught this season without their Prada stocked with gluten-free salad dressing and GF soy sauce. It's the newest fashion accessory to follow the trend.

Jeff Ruby of Chicago magazine states, "Ten years ago, few people other than nutritionists even knew what gluten was. Now it’s gluten-free this and gluten-free that, and, frankly, we didn’t even know we were enslaved."

But enslaved we are, to the turn of fashion and for right now, the spotlight is on GF (gluten-free is gourmet food--with gourmet prices) In October, Alexis Christophorus on CBS announced that 86% of all new items introduced at this years Consumer New Product Food Convention were gluten free!

It's great to be on the front line of the GF craze. Even if it is just the newest, latest fad 'cause that means lots more research and development money and I'm benefiting.

But be warned, fads are fads, and this can't last, but until then, when your condiment ziplock springs a leak, consider it just another small sacrifice for fashion.

Reality Bite:  RETRO repost from 2-8-09  Wow, how times have changed.  

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