Wednesday, September 3

Gluten Insensitivity

"It's your last day tomorrow," the office manager stops at my daughters cubicle and states, "I wanna bring treats. Would you prefer bagels or doughnuts?"

My daughter feels the dread set in, "Actually, I have just been diagnosed with celiac disease and I can't have bagels or doughnuts." She sees the confused look set in and tries to ease the awkwardness by asking, "Could I just make muffins or something that is gluten-free and bring that to the party instead?"

"Yeah, I guess so," says the woman, starting to leave. Then she turns back brightly and says, "But, I'll bring doughnuts too."

"Slap," the daughter says as she is reminded of the Office episode of the birthday party for Meredith who is lactose intolerant and Michael saying, "We'll have icecream cake anyway, because everybody loves icecream."

I suggest to my daugher that she get over it. We must laugh and joke, then move on, or we might lose it and run through the office flapping our arms and screaming at the top of our lungs at the gluten-free intolerant.

This was first posted Summer 2008 - and as an update, the daughter has become even more proficient at straightening the world's learning curve about CD.

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