Sunday, December 7

GF Potluck

The potluck was fabulous as usual. I had attended a gentile (non gf) potluck the previous evening and friends left there satiated and unable to breathe. I wandered around, watched people eat and reminded myself that a refined Southern gal nevah goes to dinnah planning to eat!!!

But Saturday!!!! I'm just now able to pull myself up to the table. What a fantastic extravaganza of food! A virtual gastophany!!!!! will put the recipes up on their site in the new year, but for a run down, listen to the delectable offerings:

Ham & Cheese Strata
Cinnamon French Toast
Coffee Cake
Pecan pie (the best I've ever tasted) (Okay, the only one I've ever tasted!)
Lemon Meringue pie
Quinoa salad - several variations
Sugar Cookies
Spinach balls
Cheese Grits
Chicken dumplings
Enchiladas (mine)
Chicken Tetrazzini
Chebe, sorghum, & millet bread
Doughnuts (CC's bakery in Wagoner, OK)
cupcakes, truffles, crackers, cheeses,

Watch close and I'll try to warn you when the recipes are available.

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