Sunday, September 21

Go for Yogurt

Yogurt may help sufferers of milk allergies.

From one website I read, "In the yogurt making process, milk sugars are changed to lactic acid. Lactic acid is much easier for your body to digest than milk sugars, so even people who can't drink milk (lactose intolerant) can still "handle" yogurt."

We persons with stomach issues are always searching for ways to minimize stomach distress and one of the best ways is to eat yogurt.

From another site, "yogurt contains "Probiotic" cultures that are bacterium normally found in your intestines. Together these bacteria aid in digestion and the synthesis of vitamins. If you have stomach ills, you should eat plenty of yogurt to help replace the "good guys" in your digestive system."

Yum! It's great to be able to make yogurt, because it costs so much to buy in bulk... and by bulk I mean, a gallon a week. If I can make it, my kids will eat, drink, and slurp it up. I began with an easy recipe, 2 cups milk, heated to 140 degrees, cooled to 110 degrees. I stir gently and add 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 2 Tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 Tbsp. powdered milk or nondairy creamer, and 1 Tbsp. modified corn starch. I incubated my bottle for six hours wrapped in a heating pad. This works well, but then I research yogurt making to the expert level.

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If you use yogurt often, this is a great method using a cooler as an incubator and glass jars. This recipe uses goat milk and then makes yogurt cheese and drinks.

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