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GF Travel Food Tips

Our trip shutterfly album will be titled, "2014 Starving in NYC."  Did you know that if you ate every day, every meal at a different restaurant in NYC, in your lifetime, you would never eat at them all?  24,000 restaurants AND we found only one in our area that was certified gluten-free.
They do great snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies, but one can only live so long without protein.

So once more into the breech,  I'll resurrect this, first posted 9-17-08  Disclaimer, check ALL labels, this info is 6 years old.  Gaaagh, have I really been doing this that long?  What am I a masochist?  Who would do this out of the goodness of their heart for this long?_____________Please ignore that rant. I'm still suffering from the effects of malnutrition.

Hungry?  Consider taking these items when Traveling:

String cheese, nuts, carrots,
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Gorp (combine Planters peanuts, M&Ms, and Sun-Maid raisins)
Homemade trail mix
Homemade cinnamon Granola
Hormel summer sausage,
Deli meat, cheese, and condiments
Olberto Original Beef Jerky;
Hormel Beef Jerky, watch for wheat
Homemade onion dip (combine 16 oz. GF sour cream [such as Daisy brand], ½ cup finely chopped onions, and 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons Herb-Ox beef flavoring);
Lay’s Classic Potato Chips
GF olives

Individual pudding packs (Hunts and Hy-Vee; not all flavors are gluten-free)
Lipton Cup-O-Soup (tomato and broccoli with cheese could still be gluten-free)
Individual serving-size Progesso soups (lentil and chicken with wild rice are GF)
Individual serving-size of Dinty Moore beef stew
Individual serving-size Thai Kitchen rice noodle dishes (not all flavors are gluten-free)
Individual serving-size Hormel Kids’ Kitchen Beans and Weiners Ensure nutrition supplement (EXCEPT Ensure Nutrition and Energy Bars are not GF)
Carnation Instant Breakfast (EXCEPT Classic Chocolate Malt which contains gluten)
GF canned fruits—individual serving sizes (take plastic spoons)
GF dried fruits (not all dried fruits are gluten-free)
Fruit rolls and snacks (Justice League)
GF breakfast cereals (purchased or homemade, such as Betty Hagman’s)
Instant grits (Quaker); take along some brown sugar, a bowl or cup and a spoon
(inexpensive, light-weight, and space-saving)
Homemade or purchased GF muffins and cookies (Pamela’s, Mi-Del)

Cooler Foods 
Potato salad, Egg salad, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs,
Hillshire Farms Deli Select sandwich meats
Hormel Deli Sliced lunch meats (read label)
Tuna packets (with small packets of Hellman’s mayo or Kraft Miracle Whip, and Vlasic pickle relish
Homemade cheese dip (microwave 1 lb Velveeta, 1 can Rotel tomatoes);
Tostitos chips Fritos brand bean dip Assorted GF cheeses (after you slice or cube at home)
Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey (use on GF crackers, bread, or rice
cakes). Also, Skippy Squeeze Stix (chocolate is not gluten-free).
Peanut butter and celery Kraft cheese spreads in juice-glass style jar (pimento, etc.)—made with Philadelphia cream cheese singles
Yoplait yogurt (not all flavors are gluten-free)

Keeping Food Cool During Air Travel

For day trips, use an insulated soft-side bag or small cooler and insert a frozen Blue Ice pack. For longer trips, a larger cooler may be appropriate. Some hotels and motels will allow use of their freezer to refreeze the ice pack overnight. Otherwise, it may be necessary to restock a cooler with ice, as needed.

Since frozen gel packs (such as Blue Ice packs) are prohibited on airlines, a suitable alternative that will pass inspection is bags of frozen peas or corn. Cooling lasts 7 to 24 hours, depending on conditions. (This method is used by a shipper of frozen salmon in AK.)
GF bread (purchased or homemade)—use toaster bags to avoid contamination from motel
toasters (Note: For travel, homemade bread in bun form creates fewer crumbs.)

Microwave popcorn (Act II; Jolly Time: American’s Best, Blast O Butter, Butter-
Licious, Crispy N’White, Kettle Mania, The Big Cheez and other flavors) [use microwave at Quik Trip, 7-Eleven, gas station, etc.]

GF crackers (Bi-Aglut, Ener-G, Blue Diamond, etc.)
Rice cakes (some may not be gluten-free—read label)
GF snack bars (such as Lara Bars, also Bumble Bars at some Wild Oats stores

Lays products: Classic Potato Chips, Ruffles, Tostitos, Fritos Corn Chips, Cheetos Nuts (Planters, Fisher)
GF pretzels (Ener-G and Wylde)
GF banana chips (Sweet Meadow) or other
GF dried fruit chips
GF candy bars (Hershey’s plain or almond, Almond Joy, Butter Finger, Snickers, York Mints, M&Ms, Baby Ruth, Oh Henry, Heath, and others.)
GF fruit and vegetable juices—individual serving sizes (e.g., V-8; Dole; Minute Maid;
Del Monte’s 100% fruit juices, but read label)
GF powdered fruit drinks: Capri Sun, Crystal Lite, Country Time, HiC, Minute Maid, Tang (pour
powders into bottle of water and shake)

Note: Citing brand names is for reader convenience and does not constitute endorsement of products or imply that these are the only suitable gluten-free products available. For all purchases, always read labels to be sure of gluten-free status.

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