Friday, June 13


SALADS: Green salads, bean salads, rice salads, fruit salads--but watch ingredient lists for suspicious seasonings.


Rice – homemade in all forms is okay. Fried or spanish (watch taco seasoning label)/ Beware, prefab rice packets can be dangerous (watch for wheat ingredient warning)

Potatoes, in all forms – mashed, roasted, fried, hashbrowns (again, watch for additives in prefab food),

Eggs, boiled, or in any other form are okay. Most dairy products are okay – watch label for wheat in modified food starch.

Cheese – most are okay. (Check - wheat flour is sometimes used to keep grated cheese free-flowing)

Meat of most kinds (watch label for fillers in processed meat--sausages etc.)

Gravies thickened with corn starch only. (gravy packets are usually a big no)

Sauces made with broth and cream and thickened with corn starch work great in place of condensed soups made with wheat flour ENTREES

Stir frys meat and veggie– made with only LACHOY soy sauce (all others have wheat)
Grilled lemon pepper chicken and rice with steamed veggies,
Hamburger patty with potatoes,
Tacos – burritos, all made with corn tortillas (watch label for added wheat flour)
Grilled, steamed, or baked veggies.
Homemade soups without fillers, (no rye or barley or pastas, or thickened with flour. (chicken with rice, etc.)
Chili – Hormel with beans – label should state GF or be wheatless.
Enchiladas made with corn tortillas if sauce is not wheat thickened.
Lasagna made with rice lasagna noodles (DeBoles rice lasagna is at some Walmarts) (no boil ahead, just layer and bake)
Rice Pastas in all shapes are okay, but bad brands fall apart (Tinkiyada brand is the one best brand)
Cornbread made with flourless cornmeal only and no flour added.

DESSERTS Jello fruit salads – whip cream is fine. Some puddings are gluten free (check label) Yogurts, cream cheese, check label. Frostings (one brand is GF another is not – check label)

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