Friday, June 13



So you might have Celiac Disease. Here is a quick and dirty list of dos and don'ts.

First, learn to check labels. As of 2006 all labels should state wheat as an allergen if it contains wheat flour in any form. In addition, rye, barley or oatmeal must be avoided—check specific ingredients for these as the government doesn't require their listings. Avoid additives like malt (barley) or modified food starch (unidentified by type).

No breads, biscuits, muffins, buns, stuffings, bread crumbs, or seasonings with flour. No salad dressings with flour (hidden valley ranch packet) No flour in crusts, no pastas, no battered foods, no sauces flavored with spices containing flour, no soups with pasta, barley, or thickened with flour. No cereals, (malt flavoring BAD) cookies, cakes, or desserts with flour crusts.

Some seasonings are okay, check the label. Most prefab foods (processed in the box) have wheat.

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