Saturday, June 21

GF/CF What Next? Go To Disneyland!

Disneyland loves celiacs. Word has it that their chef set up a celiac program and most of the hotels know what to do and how to do it. So, after your diagnosis, Take a Vacation!

Gluten Free/Casien Free

Ian is 15 and happy. He's the happiest, easygoing, lackadaisical person I know. As a child, a tortilla and yogurt was his favorite meal. As a teenager, give him a pizza, a bowl of cereal or a grilled cheese for every meal and he will be in seventh heaven.

He was diagnosed as a child with high functioning aspergers. To see him one would never dream he has these problems, but when the test results came back this year, ALLERGIC TO GLUTEN And casien , no one who really knows him was surprised... hurt, angry, and increasing frustrated, but not surprised.

We take it day by day. Late diagnosis, (as a teen) is definitely proving more difficult than early (my 6 year old old). Habits die hard and resurrect easily. It seems we are consistently bashing the beast.

Hopefully this information will help other GF/CF sufferers with some basic substitutions for dairy to attempt a casien-free diet. We'll be there with you in thought, straightening that learning curve.

Carol Fenster's book: Cooking Free

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