Wednesday, June 1

The Quest for Best Bread Ever

GF breads baked on Monday have the tendency to dry out by Tuesday! And must be resurrected by toasting or grilledcheesing. Desperate children are eating bread long past it's prime.

The secret is don't overbake it. But I find gauging that can be tricky and I read yesterday that I should dump the bread out halfway through baking onto a hot pizza stone or onto the rack to complete the baking process. I'm trying that next. Wish me luck.

Most time it's too soggy or hollow in the middle, but I remember the first rule of thrift. Nothing is ever unsalvagable! Cube the slices, spray with Pam and sprinkle with seasoning and bake to make croutons! These are fabulous and are a great rescue for bad bread.

I just found Bette Hagman's (Praise be Her Name) "Gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread" and it is one of the best GF cook books ever. I borrowed it from the library, then bought it retail and weirdly enough lost it, (okay maybe it did get in the recycle pile) but now I own it again, thanks to used Books on Amazon.

I can't top her recipes for Basic Millet, French Bread Mix and many others. Bette Hagman is the queen... Thank you.

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