Saturday, January 10

PRIVATION Past Denial to Anger

Okay, I've moved past denial in the grief process and I have fully immersed myself in anger.

"Have we stood in the grocery store bawling yet?" That was the question for newbies at the last support group class. Yes, I have! Does that mean it gets any easier from here? No. There are still complete aisles that have not one single, solitary food item that I can eat. This still stinks!

However, I've discovered the candy aisle and thanks to the internet, I have g-f'd (gluten-freed) each and every candy bar and I own all of the safe ones.

Prior to this disease, as a relatively healthy person, I would never have been caught dead orange-fingered from Cheetos. Now there is a bag in the car, and one next to the bed. Garbage food is my favorite quick grab, after all, there will be no more pretzels, pizza, pasta, cinamon rolls, and nothing from the quick snack, bread, cookie, cracker, baking or prepared food aisles in the supermarket.

Yup, I've offically cried and now I move on.

My good-bye meal (Christmas dinner) lingers fondly in my memory, but so does the reprecussions I suffered afterward. And that is what spurs me onward! Hi Ho Silver!

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