Saturday, January 17

Ice & Web Links

Meeting last night wasn't too bad. I love sitting down next to people who have also thrown away their first cup of ice. (I find out PICA might be related to CD (Celiac Disease)--Yay, I'm learning the letters!)

Chewing ice was threatening my relationship anyway and after 25 years, a divorce on the grounds of ice would have just been stupid. I learned a lot and I'll try to get these links, but I'm just learning about blogging as well as CD, so I can see the curve is gonna take a while to straighten.

Websites: Celiac Sprue Association Celiac Sprue Association – Tulsa Chapter National Foundation for Celiac Disease Gluten Intolerance Associaton Celiac Disease Foundation Canadian Celiac Foundation (they know more than us)

I really think the only way I can continue maintaining this difficult diet is to have the support of the Tulsa group. There is a great online group, that gives tips and answers questions online. It’s mostly about restaurants in DC, but they also answer questions and give great tips for “newbies”.

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