Wednesday, February 19

Gluten Free Easy Chicken Enchiladas

This is a story of a college newlywed trying to cook for guests tonight while her GF Muse (read: Mom) is "busy." Lots of reality bites in this one, but it still turned out great.

Filling: (ie put this stuff with the chicken inside the tortillas)
can of green chiles
can of corn
can of black beans
can of tomatoes

  Reality Bite: shouldn't have blended the corn and beans into the sauce. Lumpy sauce is awkward for guests. Perfect for children who don't think they like veggies, though (evil laugh*). 

Oh, and the chicken.
Reality Bite: forgot to put the chicken in the crockpot eight hours ago. Well, if I put it on high that should half the cooking time... right...? 6 lbs of raw chicken in the crockpot for four hours on high with 1/2 c water and a couple teaspoons of salt and pepper, I'll just have to come back later and finish... yikes. 

And Sour Cream, which I have none of. ...1 part plain yogurt to 3 parts mayo makes a great substitute?
Reality Bite: Moommmmmyyyy! 
Sauce: (ie put this stuff in the pot, then the blender, and then spoon it over and under the rolled tortillas)
can of tomatoes
olive oil
cilantro, red pepper/chili pepper (what's the difference, anyway?!), salt and pepper, cumin, lime? Sure.
Reality Bite:  have 16 oz of cumin and absolutely no cilantro in the house. Ugh. Borrow some from neighbors...  

Put some sauce in the casserole pan and start frying and filling the tortillas. The sauce helps them stick so they don't unroll. When your pan is full of filled, rolled tortillas, put on a few more spoonfuls of sauce and cover the whole thing in cheese. Mmmm.

Pretty forgiving recipe, turns out. 

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Terina Dee said...

I need a closeup finish shot. Why are you off on THurs and I'm on? That's what you get for conflicting schedules.

Looks fantastic. Can't wait to try it.