Wednesday, August 7

Crockpot Chicken Bean Casserole

At the reunion, everyone else was eating and I was photographing food.  Nuts, I know.  But that's nothing new.

This recipe was my sister's (#3 with six children--two g-f) and it took little planning, little prep and four hours in a crockpot on high.  (Twice that much time on low.)

She began with four half boneless-skinless chicken breasts in a crockpot, poured a bottle of salsa over it and threw in some chopped cilantro. After the meat pulls apart, we added a drained can of black beans, a drained can of corn and some salt and it was done!  

I used 16 oz., medium hot jar of Pace when I remade it with double the chicken breasts and half a bunch of fresh cilantro, two cans of beans and corn and it was delicious, but it filled the crock clear full.

I served it up on warmed corn tortillas with guacamole and sour cream.  Success and speed without extra effort!

Potentially a perfect recipe.

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