Friday, September 14

Celiac Disease Study shows Brain Abnormalities

This medical journal article is helping solidify my own personal hypothesis.  Sometimes I'm crazy and it's okay 'cause I have celiac disease.


The article says that this study helps explain the headaches, ataxia and anxiety suffered by celiac patients.

Remember the previous posts musing on the problems I have seen in my study group (18 relatives with CD) and wondering about anger issues, rage manifestations, my own level of frustration that seemed unmanageable until after the disease treatment:

This ARTICLE explains some of that.

I remember road rage, just an overwhelming feeling of anger as I drove,  once I pounded the steering wheel until my hands hurt.  And also the frustration that would blow out of proportion at being late--the kids would sing, We're late, We're Late, Mom's in an Awful state, She's mad, such hate, We think it's great!  We're late, we're late, we're late!

I also recall one time at the dinner table when I felt anger rising and rising and rising and pretty soon the whole family was laughing at me because I just couldn't shut it off.

None of this continues in the seven years since diagnosis and diet treatment.

I'm just saying.

My 4 year old nephew would act out immediately upon eating gluten.  Do you recall the post about the school bus story.  The child was headed to preschool, but stopped with Grandpa for lunch.  After school, Mom met the bus and the driver said, "He will not be allowed to ever ride the bus again."  She asked the child what he had for lunch, and was told, "Don't worry Mom, I didn't eat wheat bread, I ate white."

Yet another, my little cousin Tuile who at two was crazy out of control yet now manages to be delightful and happy with herself.

Here is another study from the same medical journal site about neurological and psychiatric dysfunction related to gluten sensitivity.

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