Sunday, May 25

G-F Buckwheat Pancakes

G-F Pancake Fundraiser for BSA.  What could be better than buckwheat blueberry pancakes?  NOTHING!  

reposted from 6-13-2012

It's again Summer and the Livin' is Easy.  Escaping to the hinterlands is like being in Africa where they only have electricity in daylight hours, only for me it's internet and telephone connections. 

Truly, it's a good thing, for the electronic meth addict in me to take such a break from media connections, except when I need a recipe.  Then I have to hop on the bicycle, race two blocks to the library to get a wifi connection, download the recipe and race home.  Good thing that I'm not too hungry. 

Today, I crave pancakes with blueberry syrup.  

The recipe I'm hunting up is the one for buckwheat pancakes.  Truly one of the Lord's most wonderful creations,  buckwheat--even though the name confuses us gluteenfreers.  It is g-f and most closely related to rhubarb.  If you are interested in more successful recipes using wholegrain buckwheat, search my blog.  I've had lots of success with this versatile flour.  And it's cheap if you buy grain and grind your own!  

Hummm, maybe raspberry rhubarb syrup?  Brilliant!  

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