Wednesday, February 15

Wall Street GF Article

The Feb 7 2012, Wall Street Journal article on Gluten Confusion promises to separate the Facts from the Buzz. It only serves to conflict and confuse me more.

It concludes that people who are only gluten sensitive and not celiac can eat small quantities of gluten occasionally without problems.

Um... in my discussions with people of the entire gluten spectrum my findings are that this disease is cumulative and persons who were once only sufferers of gluten sensitivities like DH are now full-blown celiacs with compounded symptoms. (my first cousin)

Individuals who tested negative for CD all their lives, (my kids) are now, as young adults suffering the full blown effects (perhaps worse for not being diagnosed and diet effected early).

Individuals who have no symptoms (including the biopsy) but show up as positive for CD in their blood should go on the diet or risk acquiring other auto immune diseases like lupus and Crohn's (my two sisters).

I do agree with the last section who quotes Cynthia Kupper from GIG who seems to conclude that if the diet works, DO IT!

And lastly, doctors who presume to diagnose disease based on inaccurate disease indicators shouldn't be the least bit surprised when their disease is managed by the populace of sufferers outside of their control.

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