Monday, December 26

Articles for the New Year #1

The Liberated Kitchen (based in Portland Oregon) has just recently put out an interesting and informative (with many related links) 5-part series on Celiac. The five parts are:

Celiac Testing Myth #1 – No Symptoms = No Celiac
Celiac Testing Myth #2 – Go Gluten-Free First
Celiac Testing Myth #3 – Gluten-Free 4 Life = No Reason to Test
Celiac Testing Myth #4 – Doctor Knows Best
Celiac Testing Myth #5 – DNA = Proof

You can follow the entire thread by starting at:

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Joy at The Liberated Kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing our articles! There is more Celiac Test Myth Busting to come in the new year, so stay tuned :)