Friday, October 10

GF Snacks on a Plane

I have been humbled!   My last trip to the Big Apple and I could only find a Big APPLE to Eat!  And it's my own fault, I didn't pack or prepare.

I guess I was resting on my laurels and thinking the g-f hunt and peck was over--to the victor go the spoils and that the g-f fight has been won.  Truth is that NYC is the trend setters and if that city is done doing g-f, then the bloom is off the rose and we are in a world of hurt!  

Along with mixing masses of metaphors, all indicators indicate that we sufferers of celiac disease will be back to the hunt and peck of a non-gluten free friendly world and that was hard.

G-F Travel had become g-f ho-hum in the adventure department for me--at least interstate.  I did NYC three years ago and it was gluten-free heaven.  There was advertising on the sidewalks, chefs were cordial and cutting edge.  They understood.  I found that my need to pack and prepare and go on a travel diet each time we traveled, was unnecessary.  I GLOATED. We even did tran-continental trips-- Hong Kong 2012 and I didn't suffer one iota.  OH How the Mighty Have Fallen,

So, I'll be resurrecting the old travel stuff using the g-f food travel ap. (worthless when a g-f breakfast is 25 minutes in the opposite direction,) and once again, packing food.   Starting with:

updated from 5-23-11 
(Who knew we'd ever need it again?)

Airplane travel can be very daunting as we wonder what can I take, what is legal, what is off limits and will be snatched by some hungry TSA agent? Here is your TSA link. I find most things liquid or gel can't be carried on. Crunchy, or crumbly is okay. If it can be xray'd, and is still edible, it's okay to take.  

Fruit is a nice traveler and it x-rays fine. Baby carrots, and apples, have probably already been irradiated, and they don't crush, so they are in the carry-on.

Nuts save me.  Pecans, almonds and crasins were my go-to standard when I was standing there each morning watching the chef contaminate my omelet by turning the french toast next to it with the same spatula.  GRRRrrrrr.

Crackers and Cheese stix.  It's amazing how long string cheese can last in a suitcase.  It's even more amazing how well it reconstitutes standing in the hotel ice bucket bath.  I know, sick and wrong, but when one is starving...

Quinoa/oatmeal travel bars wrap easily and get through security relatively unscathed. It's important that they pass the crush test as, -- big surprise, I'm not a meticulous packer.

I pack Trail Mix because who knows when the plane will go down and I may need to be an extra in an episode of Lost or Survivor. Simple fruit sugars and protein will sustain me--with M&M's of course to barter with the other naked survivors.  

Savory Chex Mix--just because I can make a great g-f batch cheaper than non-gf'rs can buy it--and when pull it out my seatmate (eating his tiny packet of dried up biscotti) drools.

My $16.00 Granola This is for the accidental lay-over in a strange hotel with only the complementary "continental" gluten-filled breakfast. It can also blow the sensory palette of the seatmate.  My granola rocks.

I've found that Ginger Snaps and Coconut macaroons travel well in old (Lays Stax) containers.

And the piece-de-resistance-- of course Gobsmacked's Oreos. There is no way I would travel without them as I'm usually called upon to whip up a fabulous GF dessert immediately upon arrival and any chocolate cookie variation always Wows!

(Let's talk Chocolate Toffee Brownie Bars--that's the plan for the graduation party--wait for the recipe--It'll be worth it!)

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