Tuesday, June 14

Cherry Chip Cookies and Plumbing

Two perfect wishes answered by my FAIRYGOD PARENTS.

Mom brought cherry chocolate chip cookies and Dad fixed the plumbing. Could my wishes be answered any better?

Mom (the librarian on a health sabbatical) is reading the latest culinary mystery by Josi K. Kilpack, Blackberry Crumble and in her book, the recipe for cherry, chocolate chip cookies was just begging for a gluten-free refit.

Mom did a marvelous job switching out the standard flour for Bette Hagman's standard g-f mix and then added guar/xanthan gum of course.

So, Do It! Try your own g-f refit and use any of your favorite gf flour mixes!

These are delicious. Wish you were here vacationing with me after a warm bath (THANKS, Again Dad) in front of a fire, (yes, there is still frost on the tulips on Memorial Day here) eating cookies and reading the latest food mystery.

Could there be a better vacation?

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