Monday, April 25

Tapioca Starch

Out of Tapioca flour? See your closest Asian Market. Price break of $.82 vs. $3.99 a lb.

Hmm, sounds like an IQ test?

If you need a train car load, contact Timurs Tumbler. com the Indonesian supplier

If you need a pallet load call AKFM if you are baking - lots of baking.

If you are me, who goes through about a hundred pounds a year and can't afford to pay Bob's Red Mill four bucks (with shipping a pound).

The best price I can find, Winco in Utah, $1.28 for a lb.-- So I envision myself,carrying big Ziplock bags full of white powder again through an airport. Makes me tremendously uncomfortable.

Then I check an Asian market... Indonesia is Asian right? I ask for Yucca or Manioc flour. Turns out they sell tapioca starch.

Yup, American Rose Brand, 82 cents a pound, right here in town, I drive there and pick it up in cases of 24 one pound bags. YAY! I'm set.


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