Tuesday, March 29

Safari Sampling

I'm helping another friend negotiate the jungle that is Gluten-Free--her mom is self-diagnosed celiac, (20 years sick, pernicious anemia, near death when she self-diagnosed at 70.)

This sweet girl has a gymnast daughter with weird rashes and a son who has recently developed ticks like tourettes--(both children are seronegative--but respond well to the diet.) Don'tcha love this disease?

So once again, I'm reviewing my fastest, least complicated recipes in the file--and unfortunately I've slept and forgotten. I love reinventing the egg, and I'm getting better at writing this stuff down, so here goes.

This month, the easy recipe winner had to be buckwheat pancakes. The flour is available at the regular grocery store and the recipe I found this week is delicious, fast and easy. Buckwheat is the easiest flour substitute for cookies and with a tsp. of xanthan, cookies are again fast and easy.

Muffins are not the easiest recipe due to the number of diversified flours, but as a mix, my meticulous muffins are very successful! So, I'll make a batch and drop them off with a mix (add wet ingredients, how easy is that?)

Pizza mixes are easy fast and the crusts are available wherever good GF food is sold.

And best of all, gobsmacked's oreos. I love that I can make these into a mix, that they can add 1 egg and 1 stick butter and bake oreos. These make gluten-free worth it.

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