Wednesday, January 12

ITS HERE!!!!!!!! The Saliva Test!!!!!!!

FINALLY FINALLY! The gluten-sensitive saliva test is available!!!
There would be fireworks going off here if I knew how to make them. Since I don't, and I'd rather bake than learning, here is a link to an animation of fireworks.


For those of you who are new to the blog, you may not know how I have waited--nay, hungered ravenously for this test. First degree relative can now be tested for gluten sensitivity without leaving the comfort of their own home and for a relatively lesser cost.

It was first introduced to me at a celiac conference, by Dr. Tom O'Bryan last year. I was impressed by it's history and the increased specificity and sensitivity to detect gluten sensitivity. I also like the fact that it was promised at 99 bucks and is only a spit test. (We're still waiting to see the cost.)

See more info on the history below. YAY!

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Mindeena said...

ummm I believe you. But I don't believe it!!! It is too good to be true!