Thursday, December 2

Joi Gin Baih Baih--Bye, Bye, The Kids are Gone

If that is as easy to pronounce as it looks, Baih, Baih is one Cantonese word I can remember!

The college kids are gone. They missed their 6 a.m. flight (on Sunday, the busiest flying day of the year,) but they connected up eventually and made it home by midnight.

With them went my reason to bake, but the TSA guy thought that the college guy's seven pounds of ham steak was a pretty great carry on. I thought about sending a pie, but that fit the "no gels" category and I couldn't picture it smashed inside a quart sized ziplock.

The daughter's flight hair-do was the funniest. Picture a tousled blond afro. Why don't I ever take pictures of these things? I was there in my painting sweatpants and my husband's gardening shoes. Travelers were thinking, "If anyone fits the homeless bomber profile, she's it."

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