Thursday, December 2

GF Turkey Dressing I'm stuffed!

The GF turkey dressing was delicious. I thought it wouldn't be good the second and third days, but we ate it every day 'til it was gone. I was going to bake bread to dry out, but it turns out that there is always gluten free bread in one's freezer from all the failed loaves. I emptied it out and used it up!

I used Grandma's recipe, sauted onion and celery in butter, added poultry seasoning and sage and a little salt and pepper and a can of chicken broth, tossed in the bread crumbs and baked about an hour until hot throughout.

I did make one modification, I stirred in an egg after adding the cool chicken broth, (MARTHA Stewart's recommendation that morning on TV) and it seems to keep it moist longer.

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