Wednesday, December 1

GF Soup TZaar Turkey Corn Chowder

Turkey Corn Chowder

Today's masterpiece is leftovers the college daughter calls Pottage. Everything leftover tossed into the pot.

The rules for inventing soup are simple: Start with a mire poix of vegetables (a plethora) and saute lightly in oil (fat collects flavor and disburses it thoughout the dish) then add the meat, simmer in stock until meat is almost cooked and the veggies are tender, add seasonings. VOILA, soup!

I saute'd onion and celery, threw in instant rice, cooked turkey, chicken boullion, toss in frozen corn, some of my chicken soup seasoning, dry mustard, curry, then simmered for ten minutes! I poured a little heavy cream at the last minute and it was delicious served with grilled cheese sandwiches.

Invent a soup, become a SOUP TZAAR!!

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