Wednesday, October 13

Grilled Cheese Something

Today the husband picked my gf bread over his store-bought loaf of wheat.

Yes, my kitchen is no longer g-f kosher, since the elder children moved out and I moved into the minority. It does make life easier, but I thrill to a challenge, so for me... not so good.

I baked a loaf of Bette's millet (Praise Be Her Name), using some sorghum and a tablespoon of molasses and threw in a teaspoon of baking soda to give it some initial leavening, (probably didn't work, who knows.) but the loaf turned out beautiful and I've been eating off it for a couple of days. I thought about freezing it, but the guys are finishing it off as their PREFERRED loaf!

Six years of g-f ness and finally he says, "Yeah, it's better, it's homemade, Duh."

So, do it sometime. Just skip Udi's and bake up a homemade loaf. Then grill it with something new and exciting like, veggan jalapeƱo jack cheese and roast beef. It was surprisingly delicious.

That's today's newest challenge. (Turned out better than pizza stew.)

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