Wednesday, September 8

Flour Tortillas

Everybody who lives in the gluten free world has to try this once... maybe twice. This is my fourth or fifth time attempting flour tortillas and I think I finally got it--thanks to .

The college girl and I made them last time she was out and I followed the recipe she hunted up off the internet. It went pretty much the same way this time:

When the recipe says to only add enough water to barely form the dough into a ball, they mean it!!!! I mixed it up to a ball stage, then rolled it out, peeled the mangled ball off in pieces, wadded the dough up again, added flour, and repeated, repeated, repeated. Finally, it peeled off the plastic in one piece and I sprayed it with oil and dropped the circle onto the heated cast iron pan.
Ah, traditionally cooking, mom and daughter, and the two of us figuring it out together. What we found out was that once again, homemade does not look like factory made. While ours may not look perfect, they taste delicious with only salsa. (The true test, because all g-f food can be palatable with enough toppings to disguise it!)

The picture depicted on the school's site must be a close-up for a reason. There is a reason food stylists use close-ups--they don't show the "rest of the story."
Here is another great site for GF recipes. I'm testing this one from GF Cooking School today for GF/CF flour tortillas.

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Terina Dee said...

These really fold, bend, and spindle without breaking. I kept them in plastic so they never dried out.