Monday, June 21

The Last Witty Repartee

Last week's joke:

We were leaving a friend's house after dinner and we had stopped at foreclosed house next door to peer into the windows. With two kids off to college, we've been toying with the idea that it might be time to move a house that is somewhat more compact and closer to family.

The youngest is nervous about the idea and so he said, "Why are you looking at that house?"
The oldest, playing off his fears said, "They're looking at that house to move there because they are sick of you and they want to get you a room that is tiny, and dark, where you can live all by yourself.

There was a slight pause and then the youngest shot back:

"That's called a dorm."

Oh it was priceless and we laughed long and hard. Yup, they will truly miss each other.

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