Tuesday, April 13

Spicy Southwest Pulled Chicken

Accidentally, I happened upon this recipe. Tuesday I had to dash to the school to sit and act as test monitor, so with no time for dinner preparation, I dumped a five pound pack of boneless, skinless chicken breast in the crockpot with no liquids and shook on two scoops of my taco seasoning mix.

I left it on high until I got home from school (four hours) and when I tried to lift the pieces out, they all shredded, just unbelieveably tender and moist and delicious. I let it all cool and put it in sealed containers to freeze (or tried to before the college bound guy came home). He can sniff protein from miles away.

MEAT Mom!!!!!!

Served tonight atop salad greens with black beans and chipotle dressing. Delicious! Tomorrow chicken enchiladas, maybe?

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