Saturday, April 17

Another Great GF Healing Option

Another GF conference last night. Here is my note I sent my cousin about the class:

I just spent 2 1/2 hours at a celiac conference. Tom O'Bryan and
I'm a pretty cynical gal, seen a lot in five years, pretty well versed. This guy was the real McCoy. he has answers to questions I've never asked and my mind was blown!!

He has medical text answers for all CD questions from the three big medical journals about CD. He has the reasons for every one of the foods that heal the gut. he is the most amazing guy. He is a speaker at the GIG conference in June in Minnesota. He is that good. I went with many of my people from the celiac support group. All of us went in dubious. All of us came out blown away.

He's phenomenal! He teaches doctors all over America. I bought six copies of his cd from 2006 to pass around and at midnight last night, I'm still watching it. He's so much better at presenting now.

Everything we've discussed, every frustration with diagnosis, every problem with healing, every ongoing situation, he addressed.

I asked him so many questions last night that he asked me to come today to get answers. So, I'm spending 80 bucks for his course to doctor's today. It's going to be so far over my head.

And he's a celiac. With skin in the game... he's good. Try to get to see him where ever he is. I think he does this again next on May 5 2010 in Austin.

It's important.
P.S. I am not affiliated with any company nor do I receive any money to promote any company.

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