Wednesday, January 13

GF Buckwheat Cookies

GF Delicious buckwheat cookies. What does that cookie title mean to you? Hearty, grainy, perhaps dark and bulky? Not these cookies!!!

(I do have a photo, but I'm heading to school -- back in a jiff.)

The dough looks light and tastes buttery with no foul aftertaste. I made no effort to purchase light buckwheat flour. This flour looks like the standard brand showing up in common supermarkets in the hot cereal aisle and boxed by Hodgson Mill.

More on the psychology of food later, but I made these cookies quickly and modified the recipe in only one way --by adding 1/2 tsp. guar gum. (I GUM everything--just in case the cookie crumbles).

I also added more flour so the cookies would not spread quite so far. (They are now not spreading at all so if you like your cookies flatter, leave it at 1 1/8 cup flour)

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