Friday, November 20

Thanksgiving Gravy Oklahoma Style

GF Turkey gravy, mine is typically made with turkey drippings, thickened with corn starch and seasoned with salt. A friend of mine adds a little smoke flavoring to her gravy. But she also presents a smoked bird for Thanksgiving.

In Oklahoma gravy is a work of art and you have to hear about it to believe it!

I tried to find the recipe online to link to, but it's been a few years, just imagine pulling all the skin off the turkey (they must cook two, because the one is too fried to pull apart). Anyway, fry up the skin in a skillet and then cool it and break it apart and include the bits of that crumbled in your gravy. Don't bother to defat, 'cause that's where all the flavor is.

Good luck with gravy, it's the easiest part of a glutenless Thanksgiving.

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