Friday, November 13

Quinoa Bread YUM

Quinoa Bread. Once again, great bread made using Karen Robertson's Amaranth Bread recipe. I can't believe it can be so good with so few ingredients. I took her advice and swapped the amaranth for quinoa. It's delicious and it lasts and does not go stale overnight. It freezes great! All hail Karen. Thanks.

I divided the dough into three pans, one large and two smalls. If your batch fills your pan more than half-way, divide it into more pans. Let it raise to the top of the pans, then bake and it will rise more while baking.
Dough liquidity is essential. Not too thin or it will raise and flow over the edge, but too stiff and it won't raise or bake enough and still be too dense in the middle. It needs to be thick enough to dump out of the bowl, but not to pour out . See other bread dough tips here. (today's recipe ended up needing 3/4 cup more water)

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