Monday, October 26

Witty Halloween

Okay I'm chuckling. Decorate your house for Halloween with a horror celiac motif?

A skeleton repeating "diagnosed too late". A child screaming and popping out of a coffin wielding a loaf of bread. A vampire intoning, "I vant to test your blood."

This article was hilarious, and it has some good ideas for trick or treat.

With older kids you can do that swap thing, two for one gf/for non and then donate the rest.

We do a trunk or treat with our church group and last year I had a toddler ghosting her way along. Mom was preceding her and she slipped me candy and asked me to give it to the child. It was stuff the child could have and the Mom knew that the child was too young to relinquish the candy it already saw going in the bag.

Good luck and happy T&Ting.

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