Wednesday, September 16

GF Millet Cookies

When in the course of human events, after years of grinding grains, one makes the mistake of not marking the ziplock before it goes into the freezer, and when one is wondering which little grain that one is,

and when one grinds it and makes cookies out of it, assuming that it is sorghum, and finds out midbite that it is not... YUCK!

One discovers that millet does not make a good cookie. Millet makes a nasty cookie and sorghum makes a nicer one. Why is it then, that millet makes a delicious bread?

Then it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the name scrawled on all that other grain in the freezer and remark it all millet, not sorghum.

I may sound like a nut, but then I blog and remove all doubt. And you read it?

Have a Happy Day, I'd take a picture, but it's not even worth the effort.

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